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Project HS-100R

Research vessel with "NIS Primo" code intends for performing the scope of scientific research of resources in area of fishing oceanology, biology and commercial fishery basing on ecosystems approach.

Main characteristics:

Length – about 101 m
Width – about 20 m
Draft – about 6.5 m
Speed – 15.0 knots
Crew – 40 persons
Scientific group – 20 persons
Cruising capacity – 60 days.

Vessel features:

• multipieces trawl-sonic surveys for evaluating the stock of aqueous hydrobionts;
• research of oceanologic conditions for formation of biological and fishing capacity of water area in survey areas;
• monitoring of environmental conditions for fishing hydrobionts;
• evaluation of feeding distribution state and nature and food provision for general types of commercial fishes;
• behaviour research and data acquisition for evaluating the stock of aqueous hydrobionts by using remote controlled submersible vehicle;
• making the map of bottom configuration on water area under research;
• fishing for scientific purposes by bottom and pelagic trawls and line trawl;
• conversion of new fish finding underwater sonic methods and devices;
• process research of production of frozen and cooled fish products made out of dressed and non-dressed fish, including production of fish feeding flour and inedible fat