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All-purpose pontoon. Project HS-80P

Sea transport submersible pontoon – non-propelled vessel with no topside and crew that isadapted for movement by towing or pushing and have personal ballast system forimmersion and emersion. Pontoon hull is a rectangular hull with flat bottom and deck, flat sleigh lines on fore and afts ends, with two skegs in order to provide yaw direction stability during towing. Four removable buoyancy control towers may beinstalled on fore and aft parts of deck and also on each board.

Main characteristics:

Maximum length: 80.0 m
Width: 14.0 m
Depth: 4.7 m
Draft on summer load line: 3.8 m
Deck load: 10.0 t/sq.m

Pontoon features:

transportation of deck cargo, including the track and wheel machines;
transportation of diesel fuel in central tanks;
floating up of vessels and floating facilities, their repair or transportation and launching;
making the hoist operations by using track-mounted crane installed on the deck;
extraction of soil by using track type excavator installed on the deck.

Vessel class

Class RMRS * R2 Special purpose pontoon