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Vessel for construction, repair and safety of sea main lines and facilities on oil andgas fields on Arctic coastal shelf (CRSV). Project HS130

This vessel is designed for construction, repair and safety of sea main lines and facilities onoil and gas fields on Arctic coastal shelf (CRSV). Complete set of works should beperformed at sea depth not less than 500 m.

Main characteristics:

Length: 130 m.
Width: 26 m.
Running speed – not less 16 knots.
Endurance for water and provisions stock on CRSV 30 days.
Endurance for fuel and oil stock should be selected, basing on fuel efficient running during 10 days and making the operations during at least 20 days.

CRSV operation area coastal shelf of Arctic and Far East seas.
It is planned to place helicopter pad and other equipment, required for landing ofhelicopters of Kamov 32 (Ka-32), Sikorskiy S-61 and Sikorskiy S-92 type.

Vessel features

CRSV should solve the following main tasks:
package of works for construction of underwater main and field lines and facilities on sea oil and gas fields, which includes the following: bottom research, layout of bottom, installation of shutoff and control valves and other equipment, underwater butt joints ofpipelines, etc;
operational service of underwater pipelines and facilities, repair and maintenance operations, including: inspection and replacement of sacrificial protection, elimination oferosions, scheduled replacement of equipment;
supervision and monitoring of environment and states of field development facilities to prevent man-made accidents, natural effects and terrorist activities;
emergency repair operations that include elimination of pipeline leakage, replacement of damaged sections of pipelines and failed units and machines.