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Hotchya Marine Engineering performs a full range of services such as consulting, engineering and construction management for all types of ships, including those for the oil and gas industry operating in the Far North.

Extensive experience in the design of project documentation – development of conceptual, technical and detail designs such as the construction of new facilities or the modernisation of operating vessels, enables us to maintain our position as leaders in vessel design and construction.

All design and technical documentation developed by our company meets the requirements of international conventions and rules of classification societies.

Our systems for flexible designs and the extensive skills of our engineers allows us a virtually unlimited range of design work from large projects for the construction of series of ships, including vessels for the oil and gas industry, to documentation release for individual units selected by a customer and necessary for navigation. 

Types of activity

  • Development of technical documentation at all stages of design, from the technical proposal to the documentation for all types of civil vessels. We prefer to use domestic materials and special marine equipment, but this does not preclude the use of building materials, general industrial machinery or household goods of foreign manufacture, with a certificate of compliance, fire certificate and a certificate of hygiene. 
Management and technical support
  • During construction of the vessel a huge number of nuances arise, which together can lead to non-compliance with design requirements. To reduce the risk to minimum, you need to constantly monitor and, if necessary, revise the project, while in process. In order to do this, management and technical supervision is required. 
  • The company Hotchya Marine Design provides both, on-site design supervision of engineering projects, and construction supervision on behalf of the customer. This ensures direct communication between our design specialists and representatives of construction organization, allowing us to deal with emerging issues quickly and ensure compliance with the architectural, engineering and other technical solutions.


  • A characteristic feature of shipbuilding is a long production cycle, individuality of each vessel and the need to solve the problem of linking all the ship's system into a single system together with the high cost of stock. It is necessary to consider all these factors when implementing projects in this particular sector. 
  • Hence, consulting services provided by Hotchya Marine Design become especially important.
  • Hotchya Marine Design offers:
    • Drafting of shipbuilding contracts;
    • Expert review of calculations and documentation prepared by third parties;
    • Development of technical specifications for designs of any complexity.


Hotchya Marine Design has completed the engineering of a multipurpose tug and fire fighting boat, project 3612.

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